Effective date: 31/03/2023 (V. 06)


Booking of any of the services or accommodation presented on this and associated websites, presupposes total acceptance of these general conditions, which are deemed automatically incorporated into the agreement, without requiring their written transcription into the latter.

This website indicates the duration, itinerary, price, supplements, minimum group, minimum stay and services included in the stay and/or journey. Due to the advanced nature with which it is edited, any supplementary information and possible changes (if applicable) are contained in the specific information document for each booking, which is delivered to the customer, and which, along with the general conditions, constitute the definitive agreement. For any interpretation, application or complaint concerning the latter, the customer expressly agrees to be bound by the Alicante Courts, waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.

Booking of services through the website http://www.unitursa.com, reservations and/or complete or partial payments for stays at Apto Aguamarina, Apto Ambar Beach, Apto Amatista, Apto Coral Beach. Apto Esmeralda Suites, Apto Esmeralda, Apto Larimar, Apto Rubino, Aptos Topacio, Apto Turmalina, Apto Turquesa, Apto Zafiro, Bungalows Imperial Park, are made through the travel agency Viajes Galaxtur, S.A.U.  who will take the necessary steps with the companies that own the hotel establishments



Legislation applicable is that contained in these conditions as well as Decree 206/2010 dated 3 December 2010 and Decree 75/2015 dated 15 May 2015, both issued by the Valencian Government Council.



Technical organisation of the sales agreement included in the website of  www.unitursa.com  shall be undertaken by Viajes Galaxtur SAU.

Viajes Galaxtur S.A.U.

License: CV-140-Mm-A
C.I.F.: A-03277902
AR Diamante Beach ****s hotel

AV/ Juan Carlos I, 48  03710 Calpe (Alicante)

Registro Mercantil: Tomo 1444 general, folio 37, hoja A13572, inscripción 1ª


In the event it is contracted by the interested party/ies, the company, as a travel agency, will send the data of its customer/s to the corresponding company, so that the latter may provide the required goods and/or services.



When you make a reservation, you must provide your credit card details (through third-party payment processors. Viajes GALAXTUR SAU processes payments through UNIVERSALPAY, payments company, SLU, which acts as the purchasing entity and is the holder of a PCI DSS certification, allowing it to store user credit card data securely on its server ) to confirm the reservation.  This will be used in the event of customer cancellations or no-shows (see the following section on Cancellations)

If using the ‘Pay with Card’ option, the total price of the reservation will be charged to the card.

If ‘Pay on Arrival’ is chosen, 100%**of the price should be paid immediately upon arrival at the hotel/establishment. If this payment is not made, the reservation will be considered cancelled, incurring the corresponding cancellation fees. If a person makes a reservation in another person’s name, they also take on all of the responsibilities listed in these general conditions in their name.

** On New Year's Eve packages, Valentines packages and Easter packages, 25% of the reservation must be paid in advance. 


Prices are based on rates of accommodation, transport, services, currency exchange rates, fees and taxes in force on 2 January of the current year. Any variation in the price of the aforesaid elements may cause the final booking price to be reviewed. The consumer shall be notified of such changes and, in the event the change surpasses 15% of the booking price, may withdraw from the agreement with no penalty whatsoever, or accept the change to the agreement. Under no circumstances shall prices be reviewed upwards in the twenty (20) days prior to the arrival date, regarding bookings already made and confirmed. Prices given include VAT where applicable.



The services included are those specified in each booking and in the supplementary information provided. In the event of a change to these before check-out, the services included and not included shall be listed in the information document.



The outings, visits and services not expressly listed as included in the booking details, or described as optional, do not form part of the agreement. Their mention on the website or booking document is for purely informational purposes. The conditions and prices of these outings shall be specified locally either in the accommodation reception or in the travel agency: Viajes Galaxtur SAU.



All the people included in the booking are responsible for having all the necessary documentation in order (national ID, passport, visas, health measures, etc.). In consultation, Viajes Galaxtur SAU shall act as a source of information, but it shall be the customer’s responsibility to confirm such information with the competent authorities. In the event that due to missing or incorrect required documentation, the customer is forced to cancel or withdraw from the booking, the agency shall apply the conditions described in the Cancellations section.



The traveller’s luggage is not an item in the land transport agreement, it being understood for all purposes that the traveller must keep it with him/her at all times, with Viajes Galaxtur SAU bearing no responsibility for damage or deterioration occurring during the stay or in the course of journeys, outings or services contracted.


The user who wishes to cancel their booking or the services requested or contracted, is entitled to reimbursement of the amount paid, but must indemnify the Agency for the items detailed below:

  • - Management costs (incurred by the sales agency, Viajes Galaxtur SAU)
  • - Cancellation costs (if applicable) incurred by the organising agency and tourism suppliers. All the proposed services have special cancellation conditions.
  • - Penalty of the following percentages of the total price, depending on if the cancellation occurs during:
  • - Low Season (01/11-30/04  Except New Year's Eve, Valentines and Easter)
    • - Cancellations made more than 7 days before arrival do not incur any cancellation fee.
    • - Cancellations made between 7 and 2 days before arrival incur a cancellation fee of 1 night.
    • - Cancellations made the day before or day of the arrival date incur a cancellation fee of 3 nights.
  • - High Season (01/05-31/10 + New Year's Eve, Valentines and Easter)
    • - Cancellations made more than 14 days before arrival do not incur any cancellation fee.
    • - Cancellations made between 14 and 2 days before arrival incur a cancellation fee of 1 night.
    • - Cancellations made the day before or day of the arrival date incur a cancellation fee of 3 nights.
  • - In the case of no-shows without documented prior cancellation, or late arrival, the total price of the holiday package will be lost.


Notwithstanding, if the cancellation causes harm to other customers, due to not attaining the minimum number of customers foreseen to provide a service, or for the application of special rates, the agency Galaxtur SAU shall furthermore retain the amount required to enable the aforesaid rates to continue to be applied.



In the event that the provision of a booking (accommodation or service) is subject to having a minimum number of participants, and is thus specified, the agency may cancel the booking in the event that this minimum number of participants is not attained, notifying the customer in a minimum term of three (3) days prior to the scheduled date of the outing. Likewise, the agency may also cancel a journey by reason of force majeure, classing as such those abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the party pleading such a case, the consequences of which were unavoidable, despite having acted with due diligence. In both cases, the consumer shall be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, except for management costs.



If before running a service the organiser is forced to modify the essential elements of it significantly, it must notify the customer in writing, so the latter may choose between cancelling the booking or agreement and accepting the changes to the booking initially contracted. If prior to commencing the service or during the latter, the travel agency is unable to provide any of the services that comprise the conditions agreed upon, the agency will offer the user a full refund for this service, or its substitution for another of similar characteristics. Any service not provided shall be reimbursed at the end of the booking, upon prior presentation of the corresponding notification issued by the person or entity responsible. No refund whatsoever shall be made for services voluntarily unused by the customer, whatever the reason for non-use may be. On journeys contracted with sailing and/or motor vessels associated to the booking, the captain or skipper responsible reserves the right to vary or alter destinations, routes or stays in port, depending on weather conditions, having previously informed customers, to safeguard the latter’s safety, without the customer being entitled to any claim and/or indemnity whatsoever.



The minimum stay required in peak season is 7 nights. However, always dependent on availability, shorter stays than a week may be requested (see Minimum-Stay Supplement). While room type will be respected, at no time are specific room numbers guaranteed. Notwithstanding the above, we try whenever possible, to satisfy our customers’ requests when making the booking, concerning location: upper or lower floor, etc.

The official check-in time and Check-out is: .


AR Diamante Beach            2:00pm           12:00 am

AR Roca Esmeralda            2:00 pm          12:00 am

The Cookbook                     2:00 pm           12:00 am

Apartamentos Unitursa        5:00 pm          10:00 am


Upon arrival, you must provide a credit card number to ensure that extras are paid for.

Likewise, in the event a guest refuses to provide their credit card number, the hotel reserves the right not to allow charging to their room of any consumables or services they order during their stay. The hotel likewise reserves the right, even where the customer provides their credit card number, to close their account, if the sum total of the latter is equal to or greater than 200 EUR in services (excluding the room cost).



Pets are only allowed at The cookbook Hotel . A maximum of two pets are allowed (see maximum weight) and must always be kept on a leash and supervised by their owners. 

Maximum The Cookbook Hotel: 8kg.

If it is discovered after arrival that a customer has brought an animal, the customer’s stay will be automatically terminated without any refund of money paid.



If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, you should remain in self-isolation with your co-habitants until you can undergo medical evaluation by informing the competent authorities.

Our facilities have also been adapted in terms of cleaning, hygiene and safety measures to offer you complete confidence and peace of mind.

These measures are subject to possible amendments depending on the recommendations and/or guidelines that may be established by the Government at any time.

In the event that you or your companions present symptoms compatible with COVID-19 during your stay, and are required by health authorities to remain confined at the hotel, you will be required to assume the cost of extending your booking as a result of these circumstances.

For further information you may contact us at any time through the following email address: calidad@ar-hotels.com