• Effective date: 25/05/2018 (V.03)


The User must consent to the Website owner introducing fragments of information (hereinafter, Cookies) into the hard disc of the User’s computer when the User accesses the Website. These Cookies can be of two types:

  • - Those of a so-called “technical nature” (art. 22 LSSICE), which are only used to provide a communications service with the visiting user;
  • - And the cookies of “One SEO Pack Pro Version”, “Hotjar”, “Pardot”.and “Google Analytics”. The first type function simply to provide information to visitors. The second type allow the owner of this Website to analyse the traffic generated. In this way, DELTAMAR WORLD SL, RENTA FORTE SL, EURHOTEL MANAGEMENT SERVICE, CAPANESA SL, COMUNIDAD PROPIETARIOS GALETAMAR , SIERRANOVA S.L., SOLARTUR S.L., UNITURSA CALPE S.L., PROCALP S.A., APARTAMENTOS AMATISTA BESME S.A., APARTAMENTOS AMATISTA EL SARRACENO S.A., AGATA PARK S.L., PONENT CB, MARINA DE CALPE  will obtain additional information on the characteristics of Users who visit the Website that allows it to provide personalised services, as well as improving the content of its Website so that the User gets more benefit from it.

More specifically, the data analysed through Google Analytics will be:

  • - Total No of visits;
  • - Language;
  • - User’s country and city;
  • - Browser, operating system, Internet service provider and screen resolution;
  • - New or returning visitors;
  • - Duration of the visit and traffic sources.

The user may deactivate the personalisation system of the Website at any time through his/her own browsers. Most browsers accept the use of Cookies automatically, allowing the User to modify the browser settings to delete them, without stopping the User from continuing to use most of the services offered on the Website. In the current state of the art, to browse correctly on this Website, it is essential that the User expressly accepts the Privacy Policy. In any event, the User can choose to reject these cookies through his/her browser.

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