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Our entertainment team has a schedule full of activities that will fill your holiday with fun and laughter. 

Every morning we invite you to participate in the aqua aerobics at the Levante beach. Starting at 10:30 am get in shape while dancing and enjoying the summer sun in Calpe
Come to AR Hotels & Resorts and be part of the aquafit, pool action, zumba and dance classes. Form your team and participate in waterpolo, aquavolley, ping pong, darts, rifle shooting, Shuffleboard and many more. 

Also, do not miss the cocktail demo by our bar tenders, where you will be able to learn how to make and enjoy the fantastic cocktails on our menu. Play the cockatil game and dance on the terrace by the pool with our Dance Club every day.
Kids will enjoy the Mini Club, a space created specially for them, where they'll be doing arts and crafts and playing games in the company of our expert staff.

AR Hotels & Resorts has a Mini-Buffet for children where they can eat with our entertainers on a table set just for them. And in the evenings, they can have fun at the Mini Disco and Rocky Shows where they won't stop dancing and singing along with Rocky the Crab, the hotel mascot. 

Don't miss the incredible Musical Shows our team has prepared for you, have fun and travel to a world of magic and fantasy. Every day you can also enjoy live music, Flamenco and Magic performances.

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