Bono Viatge

Save 70%. Enjoy twice as much.



Save 70%. Enjoy twice as much.

Larimar, Hipocampos y Esmeralda Suites apartments of Unitursa join the ViatgemCV program, in order you to live this great mediterranean experience for much less than you imagine. You only need to sign up for the Bono Viaje program and, once you have received your code, you have to make your reservation within a maximum of seven days. To do so, call us to the telephone number (+34) 900 100 351 or send us an email to We will validate your code and your adventure will begin.

If you are registered in the Valencian Community and you are older than 18, you can save up to 70% on your next trip....That's easy! However, remember that it can be only one application per person and period. This way, all these people who are thinking of taking advantage of your Bono Viaje before the year ends, can make the application up to the 31st December for the first period. For those who prefer to wait, there will be two more periods: From the 1st January to the 24th March 2021 and from the 13th October to the 31st December 2021. We feel like to see you here, and above all, we want you to enjoy the peace that you deserve. Take advantage of the opportunity!

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