General Terms

General Terms

The booking of any of the services or accommodation presented on this web-page and associated pages, implies the acceptance of these general terms, which are to be considered automatically incorporated to the contract, without having to be actually present on the contract itself.
Our website will indicate the duration, itinerary, price, supplements, minimum group numbers, minimum stay and services included in the trip/accommodation. Possible changes or complementary information (in the event of) will be included in the specific documentation of each booking, which will be presented to the customer and will constitute, together with the general terms, the definitive contract. For the interpretation, application or solicitation of these terms, the customer is submitted to the tribunals of Denia and must renounce, therefore, any other jurisdiction.

The laws that regulate the booking of tourist accommodation.
Whatever is not contemplated in these conditions will be applied in compliance with the Decree 19/1997 of the Government of Valencia, that is responsible for approving the Regulation of Prices and Reservations in Tourist Accommodation and the Decree 30/1993 of the Government of Valencia, that approves the Regulation of Tourist Apartments.
The laws that regulate the booking of hostelry.
Whatever is not contemplated in these conditions will be applied in accordance with the regulation of Prices and Reservations in Tourist Accommodation, the Decree 30/1993 of the Government of Valencia and the Decree 153/1993 that regulates the hotels of the Comunidad Valenciana and the amendments made by the Decree 22/2006.

The technical organization of the contract of purchase included in the web-site will be taken care of by Viajes Galaxtur SA.
Viajes Galaxtur S.A.
C.I.F.: A- 03277902
AV/ Juan Carlos I, 36 Edificio Aguamarina
03710 Calpe (Alicante)

At the moment that the booking is made, it is compulsory to pay a 25% deposit of the total amount of the reservation. The booking will not be confirmed until this amount has been paid. The remaining 75% should be paid at least a week before the date of arrival. If these conditions are not met the booking will be cancelled. In the event that someone should book in the name of another person or persons, that person is automatically bound by the same general terms.
If the booking is made 7 days or less before the date of arrival, the total amount for the accommodation and/or services must be paid in full.

The prices are based on the accommodation tariffs, the transport, the services required, the Exchange rate, and the taxes as of the 2nd of January of the current year. Any price variation affecting these elements may give rise to the revision of the final price of the booking. These modifications will be notified to the consumer who, if the variation has caused an increase of more than 15% of the total amount of the booking, may desist from the purchase without suffering any form of penalization, or otherwise accept the modification of the contract. In no event may the prices suffer an increase in the 20 days prior to the date of arrival, with regards to the requests already made and confirmed. The quoted prices must include VAT when applicable.

The services included are those which are specified in each reservation and in the additional information which is supplied. In the event of alterations regarding these services before check-out, the services to be included or excluded must abide by the informative document.

The excursions, visits and services not specifically included in the details of the booking, or which are referred to as optional, do not form part of the contract. Their mention on the website or the documentation of the booking is merely of an informative nature. The conditions and prices of these excursions are to be agreed upon at the destination, be it at the reception of the place of accommodation or at the travel agency: Viajes Galaxtur SA.

All of the persons who subscribe to the booking are responsible for having all of the required paperwork (National Document of Identification, Passport, Visa, health insurance…). Viajes Galaxtur is prepared to answer all your queries, but it is the customer’s responsibility to seek confirmation from the competent authorities. In the event that a customer should have to cancel the booking due to negligence regarding the correct documentation, the agency will apply the conditions which are highlighted in the paragraph referring to cancellations.

The traveller’s luggage is not contemplated in the contract of terrestrial transport. It is understood that the traveller will keep their belongings close at hand and that Viajes Galaxtur SA is not responsible in any way for possible damage or loss suffered during the holidays, excursions or services that have been booked.

Customers who wish to cancel their reservation or the requested services, have the right to be reimbursed for the amount given as a deposit, but are also obligated to compensate the Agency for the following concepts:
Costs of management (referring to the travel agency, Viajes Galaxtur SA)
Costs of cancellation (if incurred) for the agency and the provider of the service. Each service has its own special cancellation conditions.
Penalisation which consists of the following percentages of the total amount, in the event of cancellation
a/ 30 days before the date of arrival: 10%
b) Between 30 and 8 days before the date of arrival: 50%
c/ Less than 8 days before the date of arrival: 100%
d/ In the event of no-show on the date of arrival, without previous warning, the customer will be penalised for the full amount of the booking.
However, if said cancellation were to affect other customers, by preventing the minimum number of clients required for a certain service, or the application of special tariffs, the agency Galaxtur SA will also retain a sufficient sum so that the aforementioned tariffs will not be affected.

In the event that a reservation may not be carried out (accommodation or service), due to the fact that it requires a minimum number of participants, as stated in the original agreement, and that minimum is not reached, the agency may cancel the reservation and is obligated to communicate the cancellation with a minimum of three days prior to the date of the excursion. Also the agency may cancel a trip for other reasons which are unforeseen and beyond its control, despite having acted in the appropriate manner. In either case, the customer is entitled to a full reimbursement of the deposit paid, minus management costs.

If a service is subject to alterations regarding its essential elements before the date on which it is due to be carried out, the organiser is obligated to notify the customer in writing of the alterations, so that they may decide whether to go ahead with the booking or cancel.
If, prior to the date of the booking or during the dates it comprises, the travel agency should find it impossible to meet certain requirements of the arrangement, the Agency will offer a total refund for the services not supplied, or will offer similar alternatives.
All of the services which are not carried out shall be refunded at the end of the booking, and must be justified by the entity or person that is responsible.
Services not used voluntarily by the customer will not be refunded, whichever the cause may be. On trips which include services related to sailing vessels, the captain of the vessel may reserve the right to alter certain routes, destinations, or dockings, due to changes in weather conditions, having advised the customers that it is for their own wellbeing. In these instances the client will not have a right to any kind of refund.

The minimum stay is one week. However, and subject to availability, it is possible to request shorter stays with a minimum of 4 nights (see supplement for short stays).
The number of the apartment is never guaranteed, only the type of apartment. However, whenever possible we take into account all of our client’s special requests (high floor, lower floor…).
The official check-in time for the apartments and bungalows is 17.00. Check-out time must be before 10.00. The total amount of the booking, if not carried out according to the general terms, must be paid at the reception upon collecting the keys.
It is also necessary to hand over a cautionary deposit of 100€ which will be returned upon check-out if the apartment or bungalow has not suffered any damage during your stay. Unitursa reserves the right to increase this deposit during the dates that it deems it necessary. In this case, this will be mentioned on the details of your booking.

If a pet is found during the stay, the reservation will be automatically terminated without any form of refund.